Singing, Dancing & Magic
   Music, Instruments & Toys
   Juggling & Stories
   Oh!!! What a Joy!

Festivals and Shows
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  •      &/OR
  • Juggling, Magic & Surprises Show 
  • Silent Juggling Show
  • Juggling Catchy: 
  •       Stand around, juggle & throw balls to kids
         & they throw balls back
  • Mud Man:
  •      Only move when coin rattles in bowl 
    * Guitar, Sing & Harmonica:
         Light hearted lively songs at entrance or stage  
    * Magic Stick
           Kids go under, around & over Magic Stick
    * Clowning around:
         eg be a security man at gate & stop people with Magic Stick aided by Kazoo or Squeaker.
         Kids & kids at heart have to go under Magic Stick to gain access to premises.

    YouTube Video

  • Juggling, Magic, Music & Surprises Show
  •     - Participation emphasised 
    Kids Parties
    Kids Show (similar to School Show, participation emphasised)
     + Activities  arranged around your needs and plans.
      eg Pass the Parcel,
          "Happy Birthday" & other songs around birthday cake